Our menu

Cold starters

  • Pâté of the house 18,00€

    Foie paté with caramelized orange and apple compote

  • Dill marinated salmon 15,00€

    Norwegian salmon marinated in dill with different types of garnish

  • Asparagus from Navarre 13,00€

    Asparagus of great caliber with lining of tomato, salad and pepper

  • Lettuce hearts from Tudela 13,00€

    Tudela coles with anchovies and salmon in almond sauce

  • Chef's salad 10,00€

    Selection of green leaves with pickled tuna, peppers and tender shoots with balsamic vinegar

Hot starters

  • Stuffed artichokes 14,00€

    Artichokes stuffed with seafood or baby squid

  • Grilled fresh vegetables 14,00€

    Sliced grilled vegetables

  • Stuffed peppers 14,00€

    Peppers stuffed with seafood with red peppers sauce

  • Scrambled Shiitake mushrooms 14,00€

    Scrambled mushrooms with iberiam ham chips and quail eggs

  • Scramble eggs with young garlic 12,00€

    Scrambled poultry eggs with young garlic and squid

  • Gratined zucchini 14,00€

    Gratined zucchini with lardones of ham and surprise of prawns

  • Small broad beans 16,00€

    Small broad beans sauteed with crispy lace and Iberian ham lardones


  • Iberian sausage´s array 21,00€

    Ham, loin, chorizo and Iberian sausage with cheese

  • Cheese platter 25,00€

    Selection of alpine cheeses

  • Little boats of anchovies (1 unit.) 3,00€

    Anchovies from Santoña on bread with tomato pulp ('tomàquet')

  • Pulpo 'á feira' 23,00€

    Whole Galician octopus with potatoes, olive oil, paprika and coarse salt

  • Grilled baby squid 16,00€

    Toasted with oil, parsley and garlic

  • Chopitos 25,00€

    Crisp sprigs to the point of salt

  • Grilled prawns 25,00€

    Giant prawns from Huelva grilled

  • Scrambled eggs with ham 15,00€

    Scrambled ggs with Iberian ham and straw potatoes

  • Andalusian squid 13,00€

    Squid battered with lemon

  • ´Matrimonio´of anchovies 15,00€

    Anchovies in vinegar with olives and anchovies from Santoña

Avilian typical cuisine

  • Judiones of El Barco 13,00€

    Legume-based stew from El Barco de Ávila with ear and Iberian chorizo

  • Castilian chickpeas stew 20,00€

    Castilian stew cooked for several hours in a clay pot with chickpeas from ``la Morana`` and Avilanian meat

  • Shepherd's crumbs 10,00€

    Toasted breadcrumb with slaughter and egg or sardines

  • Typical garlic soup 9,00€

    Soup based on broth, bread, ham, paprika, garlic and poached egg

  • Tripe with pork cheek 14,00€

    Offal stew, typical of Castilian cuisine and northern Spain

  • Mince ham with egg 13,00€

    Minced pork, usually used to make chorizo, without skin and stir with egg


  • Avilanian Ribeye 22,00€

    Bull cutlet of Black Avilian Ibérica breed

  • Fattened veal steak 21,00€

    Thick fillet of DO Avilian beef

  • Sirloin steak with pâté and mushrooms 23,00€

    Beef tenderloin with goose foie gras and mushrooms

  • Steak tartare 23,00€

    Raw meat chopped with knife seasoned in person

  • Lamb chops 19,00€

    Chops of suckling lamb on the grill

  • Stewed bull´s tail 20,00€

    Bull or oxtail with rice puff pastry

  • Lamb baked shoulder 23,00€

    Shoulder of suckling lamb roasted in oak oven

  • Typical Spanish's roast suckling pig 23,00€

    Juicy roast lamb from Ávila roasted in traditional style


  • Baked back of the Hake´s neck 22,00€

  • Hake´s loin with clams 20,00€

  • T-bone steak with three sauces (2 pax) 42,00€

    Golden tuna loin with ceviche, teriyaki sauce and guacamole

  • Baked turbot (two People) 42,00€

  • Fish of the day ``according to the market`` 20,00€


  • Cheesecake 6,00€

    Tender cheese cake with blueberry syrup

  • Chocolate cake 6,00€

    Milk chocolate cake with white chocolate topping

  • Flan 5,00€

    Egg flan flambéed with rum

  • Tiramisú 6,00€

  • Milk rice pudding 5,00€

    Sweet made with rice, milk, cinnamon and sugar

  • Goxua 6,00€

    Cream, sponge cake, custard and caramel typical form the Basque Country

  • Profiteroles with chocolate 6,00€

    Cream-filled balls covered with hot chocolate

  • White chocolate soup 6,00€

    White chocolate with red fruits and edible flowers

  • Segovian punch 6,00€

    Traditional sweet of Segovia based on almond, sugar and egg

  • Cheese platter 9,00€

    Selection of alpine cheeses

  • Fruit of the season 5,00€

    Varied natural fruit to choose according to the season

  • Sherbet 5,00€

    Soft lemon, mandarin or grape ice cream with cava

Vinos dulces

  • Tokaji, Aszu 5,00€

  • PX 1927 3,50€

  • Moscatel de la marina 3,50€

  • Martínez Tawny 4,50€

  • Lustau solera reserva 4,00€

  • Casta Diva cosecha miel 4,00€