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Who we are

We are a team of hospitality professionals proud to be. Our challenge is to maintain day by day the quality of the product and the height of our service.

We intend to serve with bar quality and preserve traditional details such as the cleaning of the fish in front of the client, as well as the preparation of the steak tartar.

In addition, our walls are always adorned with paintings that are constantly renewed, works by emerging artists, and in some cases consecrated, all of them for sale to the public.

Avila native cuisine

Ávila’s native cuisine is based on agriculture and livestock of one of the regions with the greatest geographical and climatic diversity in Spain. In its elaboration, simplicity prevails, reason why the protagonism falls on the quality of its products and raw materials.

Especially noteworthy is the quality of its legumes, such as bean barcese, La Carilla or chickpea from La Moraña, as well as its meats, from the famous Ávila steak to the lamb or kid, to the fried or roasted suckling pig.

Equally famous are some of their most representative stews, such as tripe or gizzards, garlic soups (with the characteristic flavor of Candeleda paprika) or loin and chorizo ​​from the ” olla”, so called because of the stew in which slaughter products are preserved.

  • Menu Item

    Judiones de El Barco 12,00€

    Stew based on legume from El Barco de Ávila, the first one recognized with the ``Protected Geographical Indication``, ahead of Asturian fabada

  • Menu Item

    Castilian stew 20,00€

    One of Ávila's most typical stews, traditionally cooked for several hours in a clay pot

  • Menu Item

    Mince ham with egg 13,00€

    Minced pork, usually used to make chorizo, without skin and stir with egg

  • Menu Item

    Tripe with pork cheek 14,00€

    Offal stew, typical of Castilian cuisine and northern Spain

  • Menu Item

    Garlic soup with ham and poached egg 8,00€

    Typical Castilian soup based on broth, bread, ham, garlic paprika and poached egg

  • Menu Item

    Shepherd's crumbs 9,00€

    Made with pieces of toasted bread crumbs, accompanied by slaughter products and egg or sardines

  • Menu Item

    Loin and chorizo from the ``olla`` 16,00€

    They get their name due to the pot of clay (the ``olla``) in which the products are fried and preserved

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