Set menus

Set daily menu

(Monday to Friday lunch)

Three first and three different seconds to choose. Every day available a spoon dish from our menu of typical spanish products:

  • Monday 12,00€

    Legum stew form El Barco

  • Tuesday 12,00€

    Mashed potatoes

  • Wednesday 12,00€


  • Thursday 12,00€

    Castilian chickpeas stew

  • Friday 12,00€

    Stewed lentils

  • Diet set menu 12,00€

    Every day a low fat alternative

  • Vegetarian set menu 12,00€

    One hundred percent vegetarian and vegan options

  • Special set menu 17,00€

    Executive menu with a second dish to choose from our menu

Groups set menus

(Ten people minimum)

  • Paella 15,00€

    Salad, typical spanish paella, bread, drink and dessert included

  • Oxtail stew 18,00€

    Salad, braised oxtail with rice, bread, drink and dessert included

  • Suckling pig 25,00€

    Salad, typical spanich roasted suckling pig, bread, drink and dessert included

Special set menus

  • Christmas set menu 32,00€

    From December 1 to January 6 for friends, families and businesses

  • St Valentine's set menu 32,00€

    On February 14 a special menu for sharing as a couple

Set menus for celebrations

(Glass of cava, bread, drink, dessert and coffee included)

  • Set menu 1 32,00€

    Chilindrón peppers salad,
    prawns and prawns,
    scorpion fish pudding and
    smoked salmon

    Entrecotte de Avila D.O. or
    Gilthead bream with crispy Iberian

  • Set menu 2 35,00€

    Iberian ham,
    Brandade of cod,
    Mushrooms with clams and
    cooked prawns

    Churrasco de cebón o
    Bellamoliner salmon

  • Set menu 3 38,00€

    Iberian ham,
    brandade of cod,
    cooked prawns and
    anchovy canapés de l'Escala

    Suckling shoulder or
    loins of hake ``a la marinera`` (marnière)

  • Set menu 4 38,00€

    Smoked salmon,
    leek cake with elvers and
    red peppers stuffed with cod Txangurro

    Sirloin with red wine or
    hake ``a la bilbaína`` (Basque Country kind of marnière)

  • Set menu 5 39,00€

    Smoked salmon,
    leek cake with elvers,
    peppers stuffed with cod and
    prawns with two sauces

    Sirloin with red wine or
    turbot baked

  • Set menu 6 40,00€

    Iberian ham,
    Iberian loin,
    lobster Parisien with two sauces and
    brandade of cod

    Typical spanish suckling pig or
    lubina in the oven

  • Set menu 7 80,00€

    Iberian ham,
    brandade of cod,
    clams ``a la marinera`` (marnière)
    Seafood: prawns, spider crab, crabs, prawns and
    lobster cream

    Bream baked or
    roast lamb

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